Easy Cake Decorating Tips and Guide

Cake DecoratingCake Decorating is fast becoming a big business especially in the world of Culinary Art. Besides the fact that many people are getting into the business, the fact that virtually every occasion needs a cake make the demand for cakes and creativity in its decoration on the high side.

The increase in the number of cake decorators can be attributed to the fact that people are increasingly turning their hobbies into a money-making venture which is due to the market available for cake makers which also means huge money-making opportunity. As mentioned earlier, cake decoration requires some skills and creativity especially in order to stand out from the competition.

In order to get into the game and stay competitive and profitable in it, below are some easy cake decorating tips and guide.

Get the Perfect Cake

The cake is the most essential item on your list of cake decorating supplies. It is however not very important that you know how to cake in order to become a cake decorator especially as a beginner. You however have to make one and a good way to start is to get a box of cake mix from the closest store. You can be able to easily make a good cake by following the instructions seen on the pack. Such mix has become very helpful especially for beginners or persons that need a quick fix.

Cake Toppings

Selecting the icing to be used on the cake is another very important part of successfully decorating a cake. The cake icing is basically categorized into three groups. This grouping is on the basis of the consistency of the icing. They are soft, medium, and stiff icings. Beginners are usually advised to go for the soft or medium type of icings.

The soft icing is particularly great for writing messages on the cake due to the texture and ease of control. This type of icing can also be useful in covering the cake and creating a somewhat distinct look. The medium icing on the other hand is great for making complex designs such as scrolls and the likes. Due to the consistency of this kind of icing, shaping can be a bit firmer.

The stiff icing is the third type of icing and also happens to be the last of the broad categorization. This type is used for more complicated and elaborate designs and is usually recommended for experts in cake decorating.

The more elaborate and complicated designs would usually require icings that are just for decoration as many of them are usually inedible.

Gather Your Design Tools

It is not uncommon for beginners to find it difficult getting their hands on the best cake decorating equipment but fortunately, the task of getting the necessary tools for decorating isn’t such a difficult one. There are quite a number of places to get tools for your cake decorating project. It is however advisable that you start gradually and get just the tools you need as the projects come up. By doing this, you are able to slowly and steadily build up your arsenal of cake decorating tools especially as the tools are usually durable.

A good alternative would be to go for any of the cake decorating tool kits as they contain the basic tools needed to decorating a cake.

Source for Inspiration in Magazines and Books

It can be very difficult for cake decorators to come up with ideas for their different projects. Books, magazines, and online journals are very good sources of cake decorations ideas especially for beginners and persons that are sometimes stuck as they embark on their cake decorating project.

Your Cake Lacework

Creating a lacework for the cake would require the use of an exacto knife. The first step is cutting all the ribbons to the same length. This would be followed by carefully slicing the thin insertion slits with the exacto knife. Alternatively, the curtain work pattern can be used. It requires building scallops and a bridge on the cake surface. It is important that you use a guide especially for beginners considering the difficulty in getting this design right.

Cake decoration can be easy and quick if the necessary steps and tips are followed and this is in addition to the reward that comes from being a good cake decorator.